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As announced, we decided to introduce a rating for drivers at the W.U.D.O. races

W.U.D.O. will find a W.U D.O. driver world’s champion out in the following classes:

Electric, up to 200cm³, up to 400cm³, up to 750cm³ and over 750cm³.

The rating of that race series is based on other major racing series and their drivers’ championship.


  • A scoring is only possible if at least two/2 passages of the respective class have been carried out in one race. If a race ends earlier, it will not be counted, nor can there be points awarded.
  • The results of a driver are not dependent on the Unimotorcycle / Unimoto used. The results can be achieved by different teams with different Unimotorcycles / Unimotos, of the respective class.
  • Only the highest score of a driver is considered in each race! A note, with which Unimotorcycle / Unimoto a score was established will be placed under the section “Notes” in the table.
  • The winner will receive 20 points. Each additional place down to the 10th place receives two points less (20, 18, 16, 14, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2).
  • Any driver who arrives and participates with their own unicycle to a counted W.U.D.O. race receives a starter point. Even those who had to be counted as DNS (not started, e.g. a defect at start or similar) or DNF (invalid drive).
  • In addition to the respective starter points, the three best races of a driver in one class and in one season are counted, no matter which or how many vehicle/s.
    Only if there should be less than three evaluated races in one season, the remaining races will be counted.
  • The three fastest runs of each driver, with the same amount of counted races will be added together, if there is a tie for the first place. The driver champion of the season, is who has the fastest time by this addition.
    This addition is only performed at a tie and the same amount of counted runs for Place 1!
    If at the last race of the season for the title, more than 2 drivers are tie and an addition of the races is not possible due to a different number of evaluated races, a play off will be held, where all present, tie runners compete for the W.U.D.O. driver championship winner title.
    If the points, incl. the starter points of the places thereafter are tie as well, the drivers will receive the same place. Example: Driver A, driver B and driver C occupy with 10 points each on the 6th, 7th, and 8th place, all three drivers will receive the the 6th Place. The driver with less than 10 points, including starter points occupies place 9, etc.
    Note: In the ongoing season, this analysis won’t be applied. The sorting is done in case of equal points, alphabetically by the name of the driver!
  • When W.U.D.O. promptly receives the time lists from the organizer after each race, the results will be published on the W.U.D.O. homepage.


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Here is the current evaluation list of the W.U.D.O. drivers world championship 2018:

Please click on the picture to see the complete list as .pdf file.

Vorschau Fahrermeisterschaft nach W.U.D.O. 2018

Results of the Driver Championship at the Unimotorcycle Drag Race for 2017:

Placements in the open class in 2017

Total Starters in open class: 30

PlacementsCountry - Driver - TeamTotal points in the season of 2017
WorldchampionSchweiz - Willi - Mohawk MC66
2.Frankreich - Gérald - Crafoins FMC63
3.Deutschland - Martin - Racing Crew Munich53
4.Deutschland- Hühnchen - Raceteam ROAD EAGLE MC Arnsdorf42
5.Deutschland - Mütze - Team Hessische Kampfsau37
6.Belgien - Wolf - Nemesis Racing Team35
7.Schweiz - Tom - G.7 Unimoto Racing Team34
8.Deutschland - Uwe - Raceteam ROAD EAGLE MC Kempten33
9.Polen - Bart - Hawk Custom Garage Poland31
9.Deutschland - Rabe - R.A.D. Racing31
11.Deutschland - Achim - Derelicts MC28
12.Schweiz - Christoph - G.7 Unimoto Racing Team20
13.Deutschland - Schorsch - Team Mad Dog19
14.Estland - Karl - Keps Kotis18
15.Estland - Jürgen - Wildhogs MC16
16.Deutschland - Cüneyt - Team Blackfire15
16.Deutschland - Dani - Team Blackfire15
18.Schweiz - Elmar - Extreme Ungarn-Schweiz13
19.Deutschland - Welle - Team Blackfire11
20.Niederlande - Derrick - Animals MC9
20.Deutschland - Sandra - Unimoto Drag Racing Team Altötting9
22.Belgien - Marc - No Guts No Glory7
23.Niederlande - Stefan - Black Sheep Unicycle Team3
24.Polen - Kowal - Lotor Drag Race Team Poland2
25.Deutschland - Alex - Team Hessische Kampfsau1
25.Polen - Misiek - Lotor Drag Race Team Poland1
25.Deutschland - Örnie - Road Eagle MC Altötting1
25.Frankreich - Ricket - Ardeche Vets MC1
25.Niederlande - Theo - HDC Liberator1
25.Niederlande - Wim - Animals MC1

Placements in the class up to 750 cm³ in 2017

Total Starters in class up to 750 cm³: 18

PlacementsCountry - Driver - TeamTotal points in the season of 2017
WorldchampionDeutschland - Uwe - Raceteam ROAD EAGLE MC Kempten63
2. Frankreich - Ben - Crafoins FMC61
3.Polen - Bocian - Black Seven Unimoto Race Team54
4.Deutschland - Müller - Hawks of Highway MC52
5.Deutschland - Mario - Unimoto Racing Team Derelicts MC50
6.Deutschland - Meiko - Team Heinrich49
7.Schweiz - Willi - Mohawk MC45
8.Österreich - Bernard - Clown of the Road32
9.Österreich - Börny - Rieger28
10.Belgien - Geert - Heracles M.C.19
10.Estland - Heigo - Müristaja Unimoto Dragracing Team19
12.Schweiz - Bruno - Dead Riders Sumiswald18
13.Estland - Timmo - Wildhogs MC16
14. Frankreich - David - Crafroins FMC11
15.Deutschland - Multi - Nordic Darkness Racingteam10
16.Deutschland - Olli - Dreck-Race, Elbmarsch9
17.Deutschland - Nils - Raceteam ROAD EAGLE MC Arnsdorf8
18.Deutschland - Edwin - Wolfmen MC South1

Placements in the class up to 400 cm³ in 2017

Total Starters in class up to 400 cm³: 5

PlacementsCountry - Driver - TeamTotal points in the season of 2017
WorldchampionFrankreich - Gérald - Crafoins FMC63
2.Deutschland - Eva - Schump´n Team Allgäu61
3.Belgien - Laura - Heracles M.M.19
3.Deutschland - Sempi - Nordic Darkness Racingteam19
5.Deutschland - Multi - Nordic Darkness Racingteam1

Placements in the class up to 200 cm³ in 2017

Total Starters in class up to 200 cm³: 8

PlacementsCountry - Driver - TeamTotal points in the season of 2017
WorldchampionDeutschland - Cory - Singing Saw64 *
2.Deutschland - Leon - Team Heinrich64 *
3.Frankreich - Gaby - FMC21
4.Deutschland - Mayk - Nordic Darkness Racingteam20
5.Deutschland - Stefan - Bavarian Historic Racing-Team19
6.Frankreich - Emilien - Crafoins FMC17
7.Frankreich - Jack - Indépendant1
7.Deutschland - Steffen - HidH1

Placements in the e-class in 2017

Total Starters in e-class: 2

PlacementsCountry - Driver - TeamTotal points in the season of 2017
WorldchampionPolen - Bart - Hawk Custom Garage Poland66
2.Deutschland - Sassi - Singing Saw57

* Declaration about evaluation in the class to 200 cm ³ :

The driver Leon and Cory had the sam points in the season 2017. By addition of 3 fastest times Cory reached a whole time in the best 3 runs from: 10,048 sec and Leon reached only one whole time from the best 3 runs from : 10,637 sec, therefore the whole victory in 2017 goes to Cory.

The W.U.D.O. wants to thank every participant of the Unimotorcycle season 2017!

A cup of the W. U. D. O. was handed with the last seasonal races in Kempten to the winners in the classes.

Here on behalf for the other classes you see the cup of the open class:

Winner's cup driver's world championship W. U. D. O. In 2017

Hereinafter you can find some pictures of the presentation ceremony of the drivers world championship of the Unicycle DRAG Race 2017 at the Road Eagle MC Kempten.

Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t good.

Here is the current list of the World Championship for 2017:

Please click on the picture to see the complete list as .pdf file.

Driver's Championship W.U.D.O. In the Unimoto Drag Race 2017

Suspension of the driver world championship by W. U. D. O. in 2016

The idea a driver’s world championship originated in 2014/2015.

After a lot of precision work we have for the season 2016 one, fair and above all to him – Low budget – to suitable basic idea, compiled point system of all classes.

We have this point system with all eventualities tried out and came always on a fair result.

Unfortunately, we have not roofed one if we get from a race none, incomplete or wrong result lists, this compiled point system breaks down.

Then a fair and above all document assignment and understandable point assignment in all classes is not possible any more.

A speculative, on supposition and shout come about result list cannot be a basis of a fair competition.

Because it came, unfortunately, to discrepancies in the racing result lists of the world championship in Poland, we have decided inside and after consultation with title candidates the W. U. D. O. to put out the driver’s world championship in 2016.

We hope that for all this decision is understandable and these ask you to respect.

If you click on the following picture you can see the point list of 2016.

Driver's Championship W.U.D.O. In the Unimoto Drag Race 2016