Here you can see the race, wich were driven 2018 under the rules of W.U.D.O.

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Eventhistory from W. U. D. O. events for 2018:

16. & 17.02.2018: Unimoto Lake Race in Wiżajny Polen

Organizer: Gremium MC Poland
Location: Wiżajny 16-407 Poland Hotel Kalinka

An important information about this race:

The drivers and the teams have the chance to billet at a hotel right there. The prize for a room for two nights incl.: Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast and diner, Sunday breakfast is 60,00 EUR per person. The room and food for the driver is free! Please inform about the number of the arriving persons in the registration form so the orginzer can reserve the rooms!

Registration dead line was the 11.02.2018

Unimoto Lake Race Poland 2018The following teams had registered for the Race at Gremium MC Poland.

The listing occurs in chronological order of the registration.

Fahrer / Driver   



Klasse / Class

Polen BocianBlack Seven Unimoto Race Team   Blackminator   bis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Polen MichalBlack Seven Unimoto Race Team   Gremlinbis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Österreich BernardClown of the RoadRed Nose 3bis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Deutschland MarioUnimoto Racing Team Derelicts MC   Grabfeld Grubber   bis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Deutschland AchimUnimoto Racing Team Derelicts MC   Grabfeld Mäxxoffen / open
Estland JürgenWildhogs MCBlack Biggyoffen / open
Estland KarlKeps KotisNahkrottoffen / open
Estland AldoWildhogs MCPink Piggybis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Österreich BörnyRiegerInterceptorbis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Estland HeigoMüristaja MCNDOGObis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Deutschland SteffenHalle in der HalleFree Weehlybis 200cm³ / up to 200cm³
Estland MargusKeps KotisMürka perseElektro / Electric
Deutschland Leon  Team HeinrichHeiner 2bis 200cm³ / up to 200cm³
Deutschland Leon  Team HeinrichHeini 2bis 750cm³ / up to 750cm³
Polen BartHawk Custom Garage Unimoto Team  Rozjebundaoffen / open
Polen GosiaHawk Custom Garage Unimoto Team  BezszelestnyElektro / Electric
Österreich BörnyRiegerInterceptor 2offen / open