W.U.D.O. World Unimotorcycle Dragrace Organisation

What is Unimotorcycle Dragrace

The idea of this sport was born in 1988 in a sports bar, hence the english name Unimotorcycle Dragrace.

Unicycle is a one-wheeled and Bicycle a two-wheeled bike which is driven by human force.

A Unimotorcycle (Uni-motor-cycle) is a unicycle which is driven by a drive unit like an internal combustion engine and Dragrace are acceleration races.

There are different classes of motorization, from electro to rocket engine.

These Dragraces don`t take place on non-prepared ground like asphalt for Dragster races or artificial ice for ice speed way races but on naturally grown ground like grass, sand, frozen lakes or similar.

The race distance is 30,48 m (this corresponds to 100 feet in the imperial system)

Detailed information can be found in the rules. Now have fun browsing through the website.


What is W.U.D.O.

W.U.D.O. was built by 3 experienced and active members of different racing teams.

We made it our mission to present this odd sport to the public and bring it to regulated lanes to ensure a fair and save competition for all involved from racing teams, organizers and viewers.

Because of the steady requests for sensible rules and conditions in the field of the safety of racing machines and race tracks in national but also international regards the W.U.D.O. was founded on the 13.02.2013 by several racing teams.

However it is important to us to follow the basic idea of it being an inexpensive sport.

At W.U.D.O. all races are carried out following the rules from 1991.

W.U.D.O. revised those rules for the safety of all participants, organizers and viewers in points of safety and fairness.

Since our existence we are in the middle of the happening and have an open ear for everyone who takes part in this sport actively or passively, no matter their function.

Therefore it is possible for us to react to suggestions, praise or criticism, which is often very constructive, and file on corners and edges to better things.

Through our engagement we most of the time can ensure a fast answer and satisfying solution to all your questions.

So this was a short description what we as W.U.D.O. do but now it`s your turn. Watch one of those races and experience what happens in the open driver camp and everything around there.

You will experience pure motor sport with no posh and learn that those races thrill young and old viewers.

If you want to take part as a racing team or organizer speak or write to us and we will happily support you.

There are/ have been other national association worldwide:

A.N.U.S.: since 1991 American National Unimotorcyclists Society

BUMS: since 2005 Belgian Unimotorcycle Society (unimotorcycle.be)

DUO: since 2010 Dutch Unimotorcycle Organisation (facebook.com/DutchUnicycle)

R.U.M.S.: since 2004 Russian Unimotorcycle Society

USA: since 1996 Unimotorcyclists Society of America, Inc. (https://opencorporates.com/companies)