W.U.D.O. World Unimotorcycle Dragrace Organisation

W.U.D.O. is an association of teams and organizers in Unimotorcycle -/ Unimoto Drag Racing
Use our website and inform you about W.U.D.O. the Unimotorcycle / Unimoto Sport, the teams and the rules.
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W.U.D.O. | World Unimotorcycle Dragrace Organisation

Who or what is W.U.D.O.?

Who we are? What is the Association?

In order to create uniform conditions for racing, records and everything related to it, we founded on 13.02.2013 the:

W.U.D.O World Unimotorcycle Dragrace Organisation

The decision to establish the organization has been made in summer 2012.
At a team meeting the following representatives have been elected:

Alexander Roth, Team Hessische Kampfsau,
Arndt Weerts, Team Friesenfighter Racing Team,
Matthias Gäbler, Unimoto Drag Race Team SA.

In summer 2016 Arndt Weerts withdrawed from the active events. Instead of him we incorporated

Leon Mühlbach, Team Heinrich in our team.

The following teams were present:

Friesenfighter Racing Team
Hessische Kampfsau Racing Team
Old Piet Racing Hamburg
Road Eagle MC Kempten
Road Eagle MC Arnsdorf
Road Runners MC Polen
Rolling Wheels MC Neuruppin
Schumpn Team Allgäu
Team Heinrich

On February 13th 2013, the decision was put into effect. Name giving and establishing the necessary rules came after.

All decisions are made by all representatives only, no arbitary decision are made by only one person.

We do not cost money, but spend more than initially thought.
We do this work, because we believe in it.
We want that things are going fair and safe.
We want to be strong for this sport, but especially for the drivers.
We will grow, but not only in our standard and tasks.

Why W.U.D.O. Association has been found?

The reasons for this association to emerge are well known to every enthusiastic and interested Unimotorcycle rider.

We would like for all riders and event organizers have the same safe and fair conditions at all races.
Unfortunately in the past, there have been recurring unfair and arbitrary rules, decisions and votes.

To create worldwide standard conditions for races, records and everything that has to do with it we founded on 13.02.2013 the:


World records have only been recognized when a representative of the A.N.U.S. itself was present at the race.
This meant:
If you have beaten a new World Record at a race, in whatever category and there has not been a representative of A.N.U.S. present, this record was not valid.
If you would have wanted to drive a recognized record, a representative of the A.N.U.S. would have had to been present.
This representative had to be flown in, catered and compensated by the event organizer.

What is new?
With the W.U.D.O. you can pull in records and titels without any expensive or time consuming tools. You only have to comply with the provisions for the creaton of a record wich is realy easy for the teams and organizers.