W.U.D.O. Werner Cup 2018



The W.U.D.O. is very proud to be a guest organizer at a legendary place and organize the international German championship of the Unimotorcycledragrace for you.

For the biggest motorsport event in Europe count special rules we have to follow due to the expected huge dimensions.

We warmly invite all contestants to this race. You can only register with the registration form about the W.U.D.O. WERNERCUP on the website www.wudo.org.
The registrations are not valid until they were checked about correctness, completeness and were published on the website.

Please read all the informations during the registration process exactly.
Authorized to register are all teams who already took part in a race by W.U.D.O. or the belgian racing series B.U.M.S.

!! First Offenders- Newbies- Newcomers- !!

We are looking forward to every new Unimotorcycle Dragracer who got infected with the amazing sport and wants to do this with the W.U.D.O.!
So dive in and remove the unnecessary front wheel and register for the race.

But please pay attention to our rules and our motto “Fair and Safe”.

If you didn`t already took part in a race by W.U.D.O. or B.U.M.S. send us the informations about the registration form. We will contact you to speak about the registration for a safe race and about publishing it. This should guarantee that your Unimotorcycle corresponds to the W.U.D.O. rules at the vehicle inspection.

You can also visit one of the other races of the W.U.D.O. and talk to one of the officials or drivers who will help you. If you have questions or uncertainties please get in touch with us about: kontakt(at)wudo(dot)org and we will try to help you as fast as we can.

We want to thank Joesephin Felicitas Gäbler for making the english texts.

    Every important information: drive, gate, access authoriszation, drivers camp informations etc. will be announced by the organizer six weeks after the registraion deadline. They will send it to the e-mail as stated above.

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